In 1976, Jack Heuer designed the first Heuer Monza chronograph to mark Niki Lauda’s first world championship with the iconic motor racing team, Ferrari. Lauda secured the title at Monza in September 1975. Niki Lauda is worthy of his iconic status, exhibiting huge bravery on several occasions. Moreover, his race-winning days continued after the set-backs of 1976 and he subsequently won the world championships in 1977 and 1984. Ironically, when Jack Heuer conceived the Monza timepiece, he could not have known that this watch would retain a timeless appeal and ultimately gain its iconic status within the annals of horology.
At Baselworld 2016, TAG Heuer unveiled a reissue of the 1976 model, capturing the essence of the original but with a few subtle enhancements.

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